i believe

i believe design is powerful and can be used to make a change in our society for the better. i believe design should be innovative, transparent, and consistent. i believe we as designers need to evaluate how our design will effect peoples attitudes, desires, health and environment.


fresh work

Hy-Vee Bakery Boxes
Hy-Vee Bakery Mobile
Healthiest State Initiative e-newsletter
Channel Ad
Zoet chocolate
Hy-Vee digital coupons

i am

i am Heather Haaland. i am a designer, a learner, a teacher, a teammate and an individual who wants to make a difference. i am able to conceptualize, develop and deliver innovative strategies that follow brand standards and push boundaries while effectively keeping the target market in mind. i am a hard worker who is self-motivated and i am able to effectively manage multiple clients projects within prescribed timelines and parameters while keeping open communication with my teammates.

i know

i know the demands of being a designer, and the processes and research behind creating effective marketing materials. i know print and web design standards along with many design programs. i know how to apply a consistent design across various materials and products, prep files for print or online publishing, art direct photo shoots, communicate with teammates and vendors, and i know how to effectively manage multiple projects with timelines from a few days to several months.

i do

i do art direction and production design for existing and new brands. i do:

  • identity + brand strategy
  • marketing collateral
  • business collateral
  • advertisement development
  • package design
  • design for the web
  • user interface design
  • publication design
  • art direct photography
  • production + customized data
  • environmental design
  • way finding + signage
heather haaland
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// heather@h2oxdesign.com