i believe

i believe marketing is powerful and can be used to make a change in our society for the better. i believe marketing should be innovative, transparent, and consistent. i believe we as marketers need to evaluate how our materials will effect peoples attitudes, desires, health and environment.


fresh work

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Zoet chocolate
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i am

i am Heather Haaland. i am a designer, art director, brand strategist, account manager, project manager, and avid outdoor enthusiast. i am versed in over 10 years of agency experience. While design is my background , much of my experience entails duties beyond that of a typical graphic designer. i am looking to expand my career in a new direction that coincides with expanding my skill sets in marketing. i am a hard worker who is self-motivated, and able to teach myself.

In my personal time, i am an adventurer, biker, snowboarder.... I seek experiencing the unknown, gorgeous views, pushing my limits, and meeting new people. I enjoy learning about new places and cultures firsthand, eating and taking in scenic views and architecture.

i know

i know the demands of being a marketer, and the processes and research behind creating effective marketing materials. i know how to develop strategies that align client's needs with the goals of the organization, and the benefits of the services and/or products they provide. i know how to tell stories through conceptualizing, developing and delivering innovative print and digital communications to an organization's target market(s).

i know how to effectively manage accounts, projects, vendors and timelines from a few days to several months or years know how to communicate with my teammates, in order to collaborative develop and implement solutions. i know how to apply a consistent design across various materials and products, art direct photo shoots to accompany materials and prep files for print or digital publishing.

i do

  • Art direct print and digital communications;
  • Art direct photography for food, portrait and lifestyle
  • Account, project and vendor management
  • Brand strategy + concepts
  • Print + digital design
  • User interface design
  • Digital Marketing:
    • E-mail marketing
    • Digital Advertising
    • Social Media
    • Blogs
heather haaland
// 515.450.7933
// heatherhaaland@gmail.com